D&D Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company was founded by a passionate group of architects and engineers with expertise in providing the best design, construction and project management solutions. We base our success on the ability to provide international quality using leading-edge technologies and adhere to the highest standards of workforce safety, all while maintaining a very competitive pricing model. At D&D Engineering Construction, we are proud to contribute to the growth of Vietnam. Above all, we are proud to be a customer-centric company that understands our success depends on the complete satisfaction and success of our customers. And this is what has guided all of our activities in the development of D&D Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company. We are continually improving the management of our customer’s projects to deliver greater successes in both small and large-scale projects. Our goal is to continue to innovate so we can offer our customers comprehensive design and construction services while delivering superior quality and complete peace of mind.


We provide solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction and support our customers to achieve their goals.


Honesty, transparency and ethical behavior bring trust In all our relationships with customers, colleagues and partners.


Respect for the community, the environment, and Our customers, shareholders, partners and employees.


We motivate, encourage. and achieve goals together by understanding the value Of teamwork and how It brings Success.


Provide a safe workplace for all stakeholders, including our employees, neighbors. community and the environment.