D&D Engineering & Construction Joint Stock Company was founded by the group of architects and engineers who are experienced and expertized in providing the best solutions for design, construction and project management.

With comprehensive solutions comprising design, construction and decoration, we are confident in offering the owners peace of mind in their own business regardless of the connection between design and construction works of their premises. Furthermore, the smooth coordination between departments in the same company helps settle any matters arisen in a project quickly and effectively speeding up project schedule as well as ensuring project quality accordingly.

Success of our company is measured by the customers’ satisfaction. This is the lodestar guiding all activities during the operation and development of D&D Engineering & Construction Joint Stock Company. Therefore, the Company is always aware of improving managerial processes in order to bring the best services to the customers.

Successes in small and large projects makes us more confident in offering higher and higher qualified products and services to the owners.

Put all your faith to D&D, you shall surely never be regretful!

We hereby would like to express our sincere thanks to the Valued customers who always put their faith to D&D Engineering & Construction Joint Stock Company during the years: